Five years offering the Christmas Dinner

VIA's Fifth Anniversary. First Benefit Concert 2021

The Voice of the Diaspora​

Venezuelan asylees, the story up close

Niurka fled Venezuela after the country's economy collapsed

Venezuelans help out forced migrants in New York

NGO in New York provides legal, community, and psychological support to the Venezuelan community

«Through the orientation Venezuelan and Immigrants Aids seeks to facilitate the process of adaptation and empowerment of Venezuelans in the northeast of the United States, so that their migratory transition occurs safely… Read more here.

Helping Venezuelan migrants through his NGO is the mission of Wendell Oviedo in New York

«Learning English, help with food and clothing, emotional support and assistance on immigration issues, are the main objectives of ‘VIA’… Read more here.

The Unintentional American Dream: Meet ELI CNIE Alumna Niurka Melendez

«Niurka pushed herself to continue learning English and making strides in New York. As she carved out a role for herself in the community, working as a translator and connecting other newly-arrived Venezuelans with services, she received an invitation to participate in a focus group considering the possibility of creating an English class for professional immigrants at the NYU English Language Institute… Read more here.

Venezuelan Residents in Juridical Limbo Since Closing of New York Consulate

«Adding to the calamity of having fled a humanitarian crisis back home, the growing community of Venezuelans in New York is experiencing a new dramatic obstacle due to the closing of their country’s consulate in Manhattan… Read more here.

A Venezuelan Couple help the immigrant community in New York

Telemundo 47’s report to the founders of VIA, Niurka Meléndez and Héctor Arguinzones. See more here.

Refugees Around the Table

A new campaign is hosting dinner parties around the world to build communities and strengthen networks. Read more here.

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