Since its foundation, VIA has dedicated all its efforts to supporting Venezuelans in New York in search of international protection and raising awareness about the complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela, which has forced 7+ million to flee. After six years of continuing working with Venezuelans of varying immigration statuses, we must say that we haven’t worked alone. VIA has been fortunate to have the unconditional support of a valuable and very committed group of volunteers, local organizations, and collaborators who identified with our cause and stepped forward to help us assist the Venezuelan forced-displaced community in New York and elsewhere. 

If you wish to give a gift, please send it to Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid, Inc.
167 W 136th St. # 7. New York. NY. 10030.

We appreciate any help you can provide. With your contribution, we will continue to strengthen this work and thus continue assisting more people.


(+1) 347 735 7103 | (+1) 347 698 1618

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