We are a tax-exempt, non-profit grassroots community-based organization that supports Venezuelan forced migrants and asylum seekers in New York City.

We help Venezuelan displaced people to adapt and integrate into this country and its culture as quickly and safely as possible. We connect them to one another and to institutions and individuals in the city that can support them in, for example, learning English,  getting food and clothing, peer support, and establishing legal immigration status.


We do advocacy and activism work to increase visibility of issues surrounding migration politics for those seeking international protection. Please click on each image below to learn more about our campaigns: Refugees Without Status, We Are More Than A Number, and Together for Venezuelans.


In the first semester of 2021, VIA’s community has grown mainly through word of mouth and community networks and secondly through our social media channels.

At VIA, we focus on sharing quality visual content to circulate truthful and accurate information, thus raising awareness about the situation experienced by Venezuelan forced migrants in different countries of the world. For us, it is one of our ways of helping.

40k People
  • reached through informative content shared. Our active presence in social media is a means of constant communication with our community.
200 People
  • assisted through our Peer Support and welcoming program. 18 group encounters & 44 hours of one-on-one sessions with our Physiologists.
180 People
  • served in the first semester 2021 through our online English classes and one-on-one tutoring programs.
    People located in NY and other US cities.
800 People
  • served trough our webinars. As of September, 2021, we have held 19 online legal & educational orientation and assistance about Health insurances.

As of September 2021, we have accomplished 60 online English classes in alliance with our volunteers teachers Tilla A. and Jim N. And 24 One-on-One English Tutoring in alliance with the NGO Estamos Contigo.

19 online webinars, educational sessions, and legal orientations that have served 800+ members of our community.

18 online peer support group encounters. 40 one-on-one therapies with our group of specialized psychologists. 200+ Venezuelans have strengthened each other and created mutual growth.

Two online gathering, “Tertulia Virtual,” to promote entrepreneurship as a means of subsistence for Venezuelan forced migrants. 60+ members joint us virtually.
Eight Field trips, “Paseos con VIA.” 16 families, 28 children joint us in person.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

Jull and his family Since we knew about VIA we felt a lot of affinity and empathy

with it because you get shelter, solidarity, reunion, collaboration, orientation, as well as a bit of the best part of the Venezuela of my times, one with principles, values, customs, union, and harmony. We feel VIA like “A BIG FAMILY.” VIA has given us help with legal aid, emotional support, cultural and recreational activities like welcome refugees dinners, summer programs, and connecting with organizations we didn’t know.

Mireya and her family VIA is like a ‘Mother’ who gives you advice

accompanies, and takes care of you by providing the necessary information regarding the laws and how they impact your status as an immigrant. VIA invites you to share and learn every day to move forward without losing hope, also anticipating the future because despite not receiving any monetary contribution for all the services and information it offers, it seeks strategic alliances to continue supporting the Venezuelan community in NY.”

Jenglys B. VIA is an excellent organization

That in the future will be highly recognized internationally. VIA helped me find legal orientation, they also helped me with English classes, cultural and recreational activities, and they still connect me with resources and other organizations that I do not know.

Alicia F. VIA is part of my family and I feel that we will continue to be united and grow together.

VIA helps and opens the path to our Venezuelan community in this country. VIA has helped with legal orientation, English classes for beginners, cultural activities, and connected me with local NGOs that I did not know.

Douglas B. got his asylee status and continue connecting with VIA since 2018.

VIA is an organization that supports the community. I know I can count on it because it is what Niurka and Hector transmit as their founders. You can go, come, get away a little, contribute something, and you know that they will always be there to support you. VIA has helped me with English pronunciation class; emotional support; dinners sharing, and connect with other organizations that I never knew before

Alexandra B. and her husband connected with VIA right after their arrival to the US in 2019.

To me VIA is my family, a little piece of Venezuela in NYC. I see them in the future as an organization with stronger foundations than it has and with more goals achieved. They have helped me with legal orientation; English classes; emotional support; financial assistance; workshops to know my rights, and as a bridge to connect with other organizations that I did not know about.

Doris C. fled Venezuela in 2018 and became asylum seeker in 2020.

VIA was, is, and will be a great family to me. There I found great emotional support such as food, clothing and economic help when I needed it. In the future, I see it as a great organization to help immigrants, both from Venezuela and from other countries. VIA has given me support with legal orientation; English classes; translations to communicate with other organizations or individuals; and connect me with other organizations that I never knew before.

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