«Giving a hand» (Dando una Mano in Spanish) is a Charitable Giving Program that provides Food, Transportation and Clothing aid to Venezuelan forced migrants in conditions of extreme vulnerability.

In 2021, the number of Venezuelan families and individuals crossing by land and coming up through the southern US border exceeded our expectations. These displaced people are currently facing either  Deportation or Immigration Court proceedings. This is why «Giving a hand» program is more necessary than ever since the vulnerability of this group we assist is more significant and keeps growing.

This is an ongoing duty and we need your help to continue providing this emergency aid to those forced migrants and asylum seekers in need. Will you support this program? Click here.


VIA hosted an operatic concert by the renowned Venezuelan soprano María Brea, accompanied by the organization Orchestrating Dreams, the percussionist Yeickov Vital,  and the young singer Rebeca Marchan.

«For one night, Maria’s voice was our voice. We want to reach higher and further to continue raising awareness about the situation in Venezuela and the challenges faced by its displaced people in the world.» -Hector Arguinzones, VIA’s founder. Watch Review Video here.

The Traditional Venezuelan Christmas Dinner

Since 2017, we have offered the traditional Venezuelan Christmas Dinner to the community. This event, represents a moment to put aside the challenges of rebuilding their lives as refugees for one day, a moment to signal to our community that they are cared for, and that while they may be far away from their families and their homeland, we are here to support them.

Thanks to kind supporters like you, we have achieved these goals below over the last five years.
In 2017, we served 200 dinners.
In 2018, we served 175 dinners.
In 2019, we served 225 dinners.
In 2020, we handed out 175 meal boxes in the middle of the pandemic.
In 2021, as the pandemic restrictions continued, we could deliver 300 meal boxes.

We need your support to ensure we can continue this tradition that will help us all reconnect with humanity and solidarity every year. Donate today!


VIA has continuously given its community winter coats, sweaters, and accessories for five years. In 2021,  265 people were beneficiaries of this program. 65% of them came to the US in 2021. 78% are seeking asylum.

Some of the significant challenges they shared with us as displaced people are finding affordable legal assistance, and covering the rent, without a stable job due to their legal limbo status.

Notice of Non-Affiliation: Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid, Inc. is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, sponsored by, or officially connected with particular groups, organizations, political parties, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid, Inc. stands independently as a non-profit organization that helps forced migrants and asylum seekers in NY.
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