Maria Brea

Stridono Lassú from Pagliacci by Leoncavallo. Synopsis: (Nedda ve a su esposo celoso y abusivo irse con Beppe y algunos de los aldeanos después de anunciar la obra de teatro que interpretará la compañía esa noche.  Teme su descubrimiento y luego se pregunta sobre el vuelo de los pájaros cantores y el significado de sus canciones.)

È stano.. Sempre Libera by Verdi from La Traviata. Violetta ha descubierto el amor verdadero por primera vez. Este sentimiento la lleva a renunciar a la vida de la cortesana.

Rebecca Marchán with Colby

Sequía by Modesta Bor

Intermission 10 min

Orchestrating Dreams Quartet

Libertango by Astor Piazzolla 

Lejanía: Luis Fragachán, Arr German    Marcano.

El Norte es una quimera: Luis Fragachán, Arr German Marcano.

Venezuelan set Maria Brea and Colby Charnin

Arrunango by Antonio Estevez (canción de cuna indigena)

Habladurías by Antonio Estevez (Está canción habla de una tierra donde los negros son tratados con respeto- con relación a la esclavitud- habla de una tierra utópica)

Tonada del Cabrestero by Simón Díaz tonada

Acidito by Adelis Freites merengue 

A capella

Orchestrating Dreams with Maria (8 min)

Anhelante by José “Pollo” Sinfontes

Venezuela by Herrero and Armenteros.

«Today, as yesterday, a nation is judged by its attitude towards refugees». Elie Wiesel

Maria Brea, soprano, a native of Caracas, Venezuela made her debut as Olga in December 2020 in Giordano’s «Fedora» with Teatro Grattacielo. She is currently a Finalist of the renown BBC Cardiff competition which will take place in the UK June 2021 and a semi-finalist in the Éva Marton International Voice Competition taking place in Hungry, August 2021…

American Pianist Colby Charnin has had an extensive performance career that has taken him all over the United States and Europe. He studied with many notable teachers including Nina Svetlanova, Sergei Babayan, Aldo Ciccolini and Antonio Pompa-Baldi. Besides being a solo pianist, Colby has had extensive experience in collaborative work and accompanying…

Orchestrating Dreams

Orchestrating Dreams programs stand for equity, diversity and inclusion in music education – from birth to adulthood. They offer orchestra instruction, private lessons in violin, viola, cello and bass for students of all levels.

is an Afro-Venezuelana percussionist specialized in folk rhythms with an advanced career as a researcher, singer, dancer, producer, educator, band leader and entrepreneur. As a percussionist, I like being creative, fusing rhythms of Afro origin with a multitude of sounds and musical styles.

is a native New Yorker of Venezuelan ancestry who discovered her passion for singing through learning violin. She’s studied at the Kaufman Music Center and performed with the orchestras of the Union City Music Project and Opportunity Music Project.

«For one night, her voice will be our voice. We want to reach higher and further to continue raising awareness about the situation in Venezuela and the challenges faced by its displaced people in the world.» Hector Arguinzones, VIA’s Founder and Director

For the first time since its foundation, the organization Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid (VIA), is hosting a benefit concert to raise funds for our work. This concert will feature the Venezuelan soprano María Brea, who will offer a night full of songs dedicated to Venezuela accompanied by a talented group of musicians from the organization Orchestrating Dreams, and the special participation of a young singer, Rebeca Marchan and a percussionist specialized in folk rhythms, Jeickov Vital.

The complex humanitarian emergency crisis in Venezuela has resulted in the largest human displacement in recent decades on the American continent, significantly impacting the countries of the region that host the millions of forced migrants. VIA‘s volunteer staff works in partnership with local organizations and private institutions to develop support programs for the Venezuelan migrant community in New York including asylum seekers, TPS applicants, and those whose asylum has been approved.

We are infinitely grateful to María Brea for supporting our important work by offering her talent to make this concert a reality. For one night, her voice will be our voice, to continue creating awareness of the situation in Venezuela and the challenges faced by its displaced people all over the world.

Thank you in advance for your participation and generous collaboration. Everyone is cordially invited!

«We are an organization of Venezuelans for Venezuelans where all the services we provide are completely free. What we do at VIA is on a voluntary basis and tailored to the possibilities of each person ” -Wendell Oviedo, VIA’s member and volunteer since 2016.
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