We are organized Venezuelans that are dedicated to facilitate empowerment and support in overcoming the economic, social and cultural challenges facing the immigrant Venezuelan community, especially those forced to leave Venezuela because of the humanitarian crisis, so that social inclusion and social inclusion are guaranteed. full enjoyment of their human rights in New York.


Being a non-profit organization that serves as a support to the immigrant Venezuelan community in New York who has been violated in its fundamental rights, especially those who have been affected by the current crisis in Venezuela.


An immigrant Venezuelan community that has improved its quality of life, overcome the different difficulties inherent in the migratory processes and achieved greater social integration and integral enjoyment of its human rights in New York.

What moves us?

Promote, disseminate and defend the Human Rights of the immigrant Venezuelan community, taking as a framework for action the universal declaration of human rights.

Contribute to the strengthening of social policies and legislation that favor the social inclusion of the Venezuelan immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker community that are at risk due to their mobility condition.

Promote teaching and learning spaces without any discrimination that stimulate social participation, equal rights, duties and opportunities for immigrants.

Promote, in partnership with public, private and academic institutions, the preparation of studies on the different dimensions of the migratory phenomenon and its psychosocial impact on the quality of life of the immigrant Venezuelan community.

Establish institutional contacts with the different civil society organizations and government entities that, like us, participate and work in favor of human rights at the local, national and international levels.